Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Offering professional foundation retrofitting solutions

At Seismic Retrofitting Home Improvement Inc, we provide professional and effective earthquake retrofit services.

Earthquakes are a major concern to homeowners in California who want to keep their homes safe; Which is why earthquake retrofitting is an important element to prevent any major damage and loss of life.

Retrofitting helps absorb energy caused by earthquakes and keeps the home from collapsing. New city ordinances have been placed for old buildings and they must be seismically retrofitted for it to be code-compliant. We are confident in our ability to inspect your property and provide you professional earthquake retrofitting services. 

Reasons to strengthen your home.

  • Reduces damage and destruction of your home in the event of seismic activity.
  • Be code compliant with new ordinances for old buildings.
  • Reduces insurance premiums and makes your home more desirable when selling.
  • Provide you and your family a greater chance of survival in the event of an earthquake.