Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

Offering professional foundation repair solutions for your home.

At Seismic Retrofitting Home Improvement Inc, we provide professional and effective foundation repair services.

Cracks in your walls, floors, or gaps in your doors may be a sign of an unstable or damaged foundation. Our experts can inspect your property and provide you with the best custom solution for your foundation repair needs.

When a foundation has become unreliable, it must be resolved quickly or more damages will occur. Other symptoms of a cracked foundation are:

  • Uneven floors, such as one part of the floor is lower or higher than the other. This causes damage to the walls, tiles, wood, and other floorings you may have in your home
  • Leaning chimneys and crooked fireplaces are also easy to look for. If the chimney leans far too much it can fall over and be generally very dangerous if left unattended.

A wide variety of problems can happen if you ignore your foundation problems. If you or someone you know have issues with your foundation give us a call and we can provide a free expert estimate.


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